Royal Plumbing Testimonials

When you choose Royal Plumbing for your plumbing needs in Toronto and across the GTA, you're guaranteed to enjoy a red carpet level of service.  We've been providing plumbing expertise along with customer service excellence for over 20 years:


"While throwing a dinner party, the guest bathroom became blocked. With the evening just beginning and with 30+ guests, having only one other functioning bathroom was not an option, the blocked toilet had to get fixed. I called Royal Plumbing, and despite this call taking place on the weekend and afterhours, one of their staff answered and politely took down my information. She was nice and sympathised with my situation and explained that she would have the Plumber on duty call me shortly. Within 10 minutes Mike called me and explained that it would take him at the most 45 minutes to get to my home. As he predicted it was about 45 minutes and he very discretely walked around the party to get to the bathroom with his tools and got straight to work. He quickly got the toilet in running order, checked all other fixtures in the bathroom and asked me if I had any other plumbing issues. Mike was very professional and polite, by far one of the best experiences with a plumbing company I've had. I will be calling Royal again in the future."

Kate J, Toronto


"My hot water tank sprung a leak and I asked my friend to recommended a first rate plumbing company. She recommended Royal Plumbing to me and justifiably so because they were both polite from when I called them to the minute they drove off in their van. Aside from being exceptionally polite and well-mannered, there service was quite fast. They responded to my call within a very reasonable time and replaced the tank with ease."

Delila, Leaside

"I had trouble in my water closet last week, the tank drained slowly over a period of time. I called Royal plumbing services and they provided excellent services on time."

Jack, Acworth


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