Royal Plumbing Testimonials

When you choose Royal Plumbing for your plumbing needs in Toronto and across the GTA, you're guaranteed to enjoy a red carpet level of service. We've been providing plumbing expertise along with customer service excellence for over 20 years:

"While throwing a dinner party, the guest bathroom became blocked. With the evening just beginning and with 30+ guests, having only one other functioning bathroom was not an option, the blocked toilet had to get fixed. I called Royal Plumbing, and despite this call taking place on the weekend and afterhours, one of their staff answered and politely took down my information. She was nice and sympathised with my situation and explained that she would have the Plumber on duty call me shortly. Within 10 minutes Mike called me and explained that it would take him at the most 45 minutes to get to my home. As he predicted it was about 45 minutes and he very discretely walked around the party to get to the bathroom with his tools and got straight to work. He quickly got the toilet in running order, checked all other fixtures in the bathroom and asked me if I had any other plumbing issues. Mike was very professional and polite, by far one of the best experiences with a plumbing company I've had. I will be calling Royal again in the future."

Kate J, Toronto

"My hot water tank sprung a leak and I asked my friend to recommended a first rate plumbing company. She recommended Royal Plumbing to me and justifiably so because they were both polite from when I called them to the minute they drove off in their van. Aside from being exceptionally polite and well-mannered, there service was quite fast. They responded to my call within a very reasonable time and replaced the tank with ease."

Delila, Leaside

"I had trouble in my water closet last week, the tank drained slowly over a period of time. I called Royal plumbing services and they provided excellent services on time."

Jack, Acworth

I had three plumbing issues, all of which needed new parts. George came and made an assessment, gave me a couple options in terms of materials & price, and presented a ballpark before he left.

Although his plumber was going to come in the next day or two, George called an hour later to say his plumber, Mark, could come by later that same day, all so I could attend an event I had mentioned.

Mark worked quickly, efficiently and did a quality job. Further, he found that one of the issues did not require new materials, and was able to re-connect the original parts, which saved me $150. No mess left behind— a conscientious worker.

I have used all three repaired/replaced items and am very happy with the results.


bum bum

I had George Z come by my apartment to fix a couple complex plumbing issues. I've often been able to rectify most issues but this kitchen sink blockage and shower valve had me stumped. Luckily for me I've heard of George from a couple of people and called up Royal plumbing to book him out for his expertise. What can I say? Professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Great experience. Ask for George if you need a great plumber

Patrick Jardine

Had Matthew come today and he was super friendly and professional! He arrived quickly and resolved the issue right away. Definitely the best plumber I have used thus far and will definitely keep their contact info for future use! Highly recommend.

Michelle Nguyen

My son recommended a plumber named Jorge Zeballos to do a lot of work to my basement laundry area. I was impressed, I had many other plumbers over the years but no one even compared to this well experienced gentleman. It can be very hard to find a great plumber like Jorge. He is very knowledgeable, precise, with time completed quality work. I have since had him back to do my kitchen sinks and taps. “Best recommendation ever!” I’m a very happy customer.

Lorna Ludwig

I had a plumbing issue and called around a bit To get some quotes. Jorge was by far the most reasonably priced and knowledgeable. We are very satisfied with he’s work and customer service. We will definitely be using him again in the future and will gladly refer him to anyone in need of a good plumber.


Reviewing work done by Mark B..... Can't say enough good things about this guy. We originally had something booked for a 9AM, but when he was fully booked, he made the extra effort to come in for 8AM instead.

I had a leaky faucet that was running down underneath the cabinets. He came in on time, assessed the problem and went straight to work. Within an hour everything was fixed and working better than before. He was polite, amazing at his job and cleaned up.

Royal - you've got an amazing employee in Mark B.

Thanks for everything Mark B

Daniel Fitzgerald

Excellent service! Quick, professional and informative. Jorge not only fixed our problem but explained everything he was doing a long the way. It was very comforting considering my Wife and I are clueless when it comes to plumbing issues. Thank you Jorge!

Ashley Haran

This was the first time I used Royal Plumbing services and was impressed with the quality of work as well as how fast they got it done. Thanks Mark B. for a job well done. I highly recommend Royal Plumbing!

Ara Calvo

I’ll give Mark B a shoutout for being amazing and professional in his job. It was late evening when one of my pipe in the kitchen acted up. Some plumbers has shown their attitudes when it’s late at night or specially when it’s holiday, but Mark B of royal plumbing was exceptional. He explained to me very well what happened and he has done his job properly without leaving a mess. Thumbs up Mark B for your good work! Keep it up!

Cassandra Pailma

I would absolutely recommend Royal, just make sure to ask for Mark B. He was simply amazing!!! He came to fix some plumbing issues in our laundry room and did a wonderful job. He's so friendly and professional as well. We really appreciated that kind of service. Thanks Mark B.

Christopher Quiazon

Mark B. Came on a Saturday morning and worked in a professional manner. He was able to fix our kitchen’s better than ever. Quality work

Jennifer Alves

Very satisfied with the response time and professionalism. After calling various places that were over charging and slow to respond, I enountered Royal Plumbing Services. Not only was I happy with the efficiency but I was also super happy with the outcome of the work. Have had no issues since and I really appreciate the tips and feedback they provided.

Eleanor Salazar

I had a leaking basement and George from Royal Plumbing came right away to my home to investigate. He was very professional and was able to determine the root cause and did an amazing job to resolve the issue. I would strongly recommend him and Royal Plumbing to friends and family and I will definitely request for their services again should I need it. Thank you very much George!

Mario Vega

i had a water leak coming from my toilet in my powder room. Made a quick call to Royal and had a guy over right away. The 24/7 service is the best. Jorge Zeballos was the plumber and he had the tank fill water line changed out quick, made sure nothing else was wrong or leaking, and left the area clean. I’d recommend there service anytime!

Thanks Royal!

Justin Ludwig

Royal plumbing was great. I had an emergency situation Friday at 5. I called 3 plumbing companies and the only ones that even returned my call was Royal Plumbing. Matt showed up within 30 minutes and got my shower cartridge replaced just before my guests arrived! Would highly recommend!

Nancy Lee Jobin

Mark B has been exceptional in his service and had a friendly personality. He was ready to visit the house and was flexible in his timing. He also negotiated the price that we initially discussed. I highly recommend Mark for any plumbing service in future.

Joseph Raju

I was in search of a good plumber and a co-worker recommended Jorge at Royal plumbing Services. Im grateful that she did because he was amazing. I would recommend him to anyone in search of a great plumber.

Pamela Vasquez

They were quick to come out to my call. The plummer that showed up, Matt. Was very knowledgeable and fixed my issue on the spot.

I would definitely use them again.

Korey Correia

Awhile back I had a plumbing issue that needed to be addressed. I asked my sister for a recommendation and she suggested Jorge Zeballos from Royal Plumbing. Jorge arrived on time, assessed the situation, corrected it and cleaned up nicely! Polite and well mannered!

Melanie Gualtieri

Thank you to Mark M for doing a beautiful job on my laundry room taps. He far exceeded our expectations, he was very knowledgeable, friendly and reliable. I would definitely have him come back and will recommend him to my friends and family

Julie Marchand

This company is amazing! Mark Mayhew came to fix a my bathtub nozzle that broke off. The whole process took about three and a half hours, and that includes him coming in fixing it doing cleanup and he even took a lunch break. During the entire process he communicated with me and let me know everything that was happening and what the next steps were he walked me through the process and let me know everything that was going on. Mark also was gave me an estimate of how much time it would take to do the job and he came in at the end and cleaned everything up and made my bathroom look as clean as he possibly could.

Suhani Suri

I had an excellent experience. Mark B. was friendly and knowledgeable,and I really appreciated his straightforward approach. He laid out my options, but I felt no pressure to make any particular choices. I know where I will be taking all my future plumbing needs!

Gievielyn Eugenio

We had a water leak coming from the 2nd floor washroom and my friend recommended Royal Plumbing. Mark B is the one who assisted us with our problem and I couldn’t be any happier. We discussed the issue with him and right away he gave us a quote. He also worked with our busy schedule and I am just really glad how flexible he is. I highly recommend Mark for your future plumbing troubles.

Ghinelle Ponticilla

Quick, efficient service. Mark B. was very clear in his explanation of the problem and offered a few solutions. He managed to work out the issue quickly and was polite and clear throughout the visit. Highly recommend Royal plumbing! thanks

Jerald Anderson

Great services! Plumber: Mark Garcia always does an amazing job; nice, clean finish. The quality of his job is noticeable through his end work. Thank you Mark!

Louie auditore

I had Mark M at my house for a leak under my sink. He was very professional and clean. He found the problem quickly and fixed it. I was impressed with his experience/knowledge. I would definitely recommend Royal Plumbing to my friends and family.

Neil Cormier

In a 5 year old condo the toilet cracked and leaked...these guys send George. He literary saved my floors and so much damage from happening! Installed a new toilet and so fast and neat!!! He was nice to my dog and didn’t make a mess. Thank u guys so much!!!

Ola C

I had a leak in my bathtub, and a friend recommended Royal Plumbing. I’m so happy they did. They sent Jorge Zeballos, and he was so efficient and helpful. Each step of the way was quick and easy. He thoroughly answered all of my questions and I couldn’t be happier with my results or my price.

Nadja Roberts

Great company! Matthew T was very professional and did great work! I’d definitely use him again.

Chad Atkinson

Mark Mayhew at Royal Plumbing had completed an excellent drain snake job that was quick and efficient. Provided useful advice for future prevention; my go-to plumber and plumbing company. Definite recommend!

Lyn Vo

Main Water Valve Leak

I was in urgent need of a plumber as my main water Valve was leaking. It was 8am Sunday morning and I contacted four different Plumbing companies. All four Plumbing companies did not pick the phone as it went directly to voice message. Funny how all these four plumbing companies advertise on their website available 24/7 and no one is there to answer the phone? I wanted to speak to someone directly, so on my fifth attempt, I contacted Royal Plumbing Service. A gentleman picked up the phone, I told him my issue and he told me that a Plumbing technician from Royal Plumbing services would contact me shortly. Within five minutes Mark from Royal Plumbing contacted me and told me he would be at my residence within one hour to assess the situation and provide me with a free quote. When Mark arrived, he knocked on my door and he was very professional, friendly, courteous and polite. I ask him to take off his shoes before entering the basement and he poilitely complied. Mark examined the main water valve and provided with options and a quote. The quote Mark provided me in my opinion was reasonable and fair. I decided to move forward with Mark to do the replacement of the main water value in addition to replacing three more water valves. I was present for the whole entire plumbing job and I ask Mark a lot of questions as he was working. Mark answered all my questions with full explanations which made me more confident that I hired the right person to do the job. Before, during and after the process, Mark was very clean. He made sure he covered the surrounding area so that none of my property would get wet or damaged by the soldering material and after the work was completed he gathered his equipment and thoroughly cleaned the area. I am very happy with Royal Plumbing Services but even more happy with the Plumbing Technician Mark. Mark made my experience very comfortable and calm as I was very concerned and stressed with the entire water leak situation. I would definitely recommend and refer Royal Plumbing services to my friends and family. A Big thumbs up and thanks to Plumbing technician Mark for a JWD....... a job well done.

Please see Photos below - Thanks Mark!


Raymond Eng

My son had flushed a toy car down our only toilet. I called and George came immediately. I had originally called a different company and while their website said same day service they wouldn’t come until late in the evening. George came within the hour and fixed everything very quickly. He was also very nice and made a very embarrassing situation seem like no big deal

I asked him if I could keep his number on hand as I worry this won’t be he last time this will happen with a toddler in the house

Alessandra Palombo

Mark M. and George from Royal Plumbing were great. They came after another company failed to solve the problem and were successful. Both were very courteous and professional. They cleaned the area before they left. I would really recommend them.

Ana Panic

I highly recommend their plumbing services! Mark B is a superb plumber as he is reliable, on time and even gave me tips on what materials are cost effective when he did our bathroom. Thanks Mark for your quick and efficent service!

Jean Concepcion

We had a major sump pit issue and dealt with one plumber several times. Finally called Jorge at Royal Plumbing and he fixed the same issue in one quick visit. He was professional, reasonably priced and found a solution that no one else seemed to be able to.

Jeff Falco

These guys did an incredible job, I wouldn't go anywhere else. Just give them all call and they'll fix it. It's tough when dealing with mechanics and plumbers and services like those where you worry about getting ripped off or not fully understanding what you are paying for. Jorge did a great job of helping me understand the problems and cost and I felt great when he left and everything worked perfectly and didn't cost me an arm and a leg!

Arcade Riley

Mitch and Mike are consummate professionals. The building trap needed removals which involved an 8'-0" exterior ditch. They handled all the permits, locates and rebate application for back flow prevention. Work done over 4 days and left front yard landscape in perfect condition. Jorge and Paul were on site and handled all the logistics.


Dino Dutra

Absolutely fabtastic! Jorge is very knowledgeable, courteous and gets the job done rightvthe first time!! Thank you for coming so quickly. Excellent customer service, we will be using him again!

Sandra Carvajal

WOW !!!!! I have to say I was completely thrilled with the exceptional and PROFESSIONAL service I received from Jorge . He thoroughly explained everything and gave me a clear break-down of the expenses. Very knowledgeable and fair . Jorge is the go to guy if you need a plumber !!!!

Tiffany Cullen

Amazing service, quick to get the repair done. The employee sent Mathew T was in and out in no time. Highly recomend

Riley Mei

Mark M. was incredible! Very friendly personable and got the job done quickly.

Nas Khan

Thank you to Matthew at Royal Plumbing Service for fixing the stripped cartridge on the old bathroom faucet. The service was super quick, all taken care of with in an hour and a half from my original call to Royal. Matthew was quick and courteous and was able to fix the problem without having to rip apart a poorly thought out enclosed sink. Thank you again Matthew!

Sacha Rodriguez

Mark B. came to install fixtures in my shop. He made two trips, worked efficiently, was up front about cost and did a great job. I’ll only use a Royal Plumbing in the future!

Tate Sameshima

Drain badly clogged, but Mark M. arrived same day and after long hours of work got the drain back at work. Lots of dirt during the work, but my home was left clean with just some drywall repair to do. Highly recommended.

Benjamuz G

Matthew Torres came in and did an amazing job fixing my leaking faucet. Very professional and very efficient, I would definitely call him again.


Mark M. Responded to my call for help within 2 hours, on a Sunday!! Canada Day as well! Very pleasant and knowledgeable. Great customer service skills. Thumbs up for Mark M.!!

Malaika Gonzalez

I had issues with my plumbing and called in royal plumbing, they sent Jorge and he was great. Very clean and professional. Thank you

Ingrid Suarez

Extremely professional, knows what he’s doing . Who respond and very quick to resolve what’s going on with the issue i have with the clogged drainage. I will definitely going to call Mark B. again and recommend to my friends for doing a great job!

Christina Luciano

Excellent service. Could not be any better. Good to have around. Very easy to be with.recommend to everyone. Very pleased and satisfied.

Hank Cotton

I usually do my own plumbing, but when I ran into a problem even I couldn’t fix I called someone my son had recommended. I thought I knew everything about plumbing but Jorge Zeballos from Royal Plumbing actually put me to shame. Which was a good thing! No need to do my own plumbing in the future because the prices were right and the service was great. Problem solved.

Mark Ludwig

My main drain was blocked. I had no idea why. Matthew showed up ..explained to me what the problem was .. Then almost instantly, he cleared it for me and used the camera in the drain to make sure everything was ok. Mathew was very professional and I want to thank him for a job well done !


Me and my husband higly recommend Mark B. He did an awesome job at our house. Keep up the good work!

Rosette Ann Umali

I am a very happy customers, Mark B. Was awesome and he did a great great job on clearing the clogged to my sink and I can recommend Royal Co. to anyone, I never regret calling them, It’s more than 5 stars and he’s very honest, pleasant and cleaningafter hes done the job. Good job Mark. Theresa from East York Ontario

Theresa Rubio

Mark. M was super friendly. He got the work done quick and made sure he left my place clean afterwards.

Kristine Chaisson

Jorge Z is the Best Plumber ever! And I'm including the Mario Bros. in that equation. Seriously, Royal Plumbing did an amazing job!

Dave Roberts

Mark’s did an excellent job for my water pipe leaks. He’s a professional and definitely calls him back if I need help next time.

Eddie Ip

Special thanks to Mark B. for going the extra mile, his professional service was very gratifying. We will certainly continue to call you for our future plumbing projects and recommend you to our friends.

Guia Nathalie Ponticilla

I highly recommend this company Royal plumbing, especially Mark B. nice and professional guy. After he done working, he clean all his mess.Not like other plumbers they just leave there mess inside your house... 5stars for mark B. is not enough .hahaha he deserves more⭐️

Frank Simolata


I would give you more than 5 ⭐️’s if it were possible. I had to leave a review because this is what made me decide to call Royal Plumbing LTD. in the first place, the reviews! And if this review can help just one person, then I’ll be happy.

As a single parent of two small children, who is also looking after two aging parents it is especially essential for me to find a company who not only can get the job done but at a good price. I had water coming up from my drain in my basement and was stressed as to how am I going to find a reliable plumbing company, well thanks to everyone who has left comments before me I was able to do just that !

From my initial call I was confident that I had not made a mistake. The gentleman that I spoke to was kind and helpful and told me that he would get George to call me. Less then 30 minuets later George called and I explained the problem he told me that he was at another call and as soon as he was done he would call me.

This was at about 10am at about 11:45am George called to say he was on his way! When Royal Plumbing LTD. arrived there were two technicians George and Matthew. The assessed the situation and told me not only the cost but what it was that they would be doing exactly. I gave the OK to go ahead, And about 15 minuets into the job, George came to me and said that they needed to go and get some supplies (from a local retailer) because of the size of my drain they went and were back working in about 20mins. They we’re done in about another 20mins. they showed me the work the had done and again explained everything that they did, while showing me Matthew noticed that the sink had low water pressure and asked me if it was always like that. I told him yeah it was and he said let me fix it for you, now he said it was nothing as it was just air in the pipes, but he went out of his way, he could have just said oh when he seen the water pressure and left it, but he did fix it and at no extra charge. Now you wouldn’t expect that from a company, at least I wouldn’t. George on the other hand while Matthew was fixing the sink did something else I consider amazing he told me what to do monthly to prevent the situation from happening again because as he explained to me otherwise I could end up with a costly job on my hands. Seriously, how many companies do you know that want to prevent you from have problems in which you would need to call them to come out again to fix it! Thanks to EVERYONE AT ROYAL PLUMBING LTD. I have found a honest, reliable company that I can call when needed and know that my house is in good hands! Don’t take my word for it, try them out you will not be disappointed!

Danielle Sullivan

Mark B was excellent. He got knowledge on what he is doing. Very professional and highly recommended.

Citoh Manuba Jr

I contracted Jorge of royal plumbing for a couple of jobs for some clients of mine and he is outstanding at what he does great worksmanship and great costumer service my clients were very happy with his professionalism and work my company will defiantly keep using him in any plumbing needs I defiantly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a professional respectful and great plumber

David Corona

Mark M was very polite, professional, answered all my questions in details, and i think he went above and beyond to make sure that i understood what was done, and what changes should be expected, and that i can appreciated.

Chris Brown

Jorge was fantastic. Me and husband were very satified with hes work and helpfulness. Thank you

Fatima Hatami

Mark M was friendly, professional and did a great job. He arrived quickly, fixed the issue and left the bathroom as clean as he found it.

Ian Boodhai

Mark b. Fixed my water pressure problem on my kitchen tap and washroom faucet. Im very happy now i can wash my hands and dishes well. Thanks highly recommend

Shairoz Dholasania

I had a very pleasant experience with one of your plumbers his name is Mark Mayhew. He is a very polite and a very conscientious worker.

Liz Crawford

We used Jorge and his team for our on set plumbing catastrophe. We needed it handled quickly and without interruption to our production Jorge took care of it and we couldn't be happier. Highly recommended.

Project Cast

Mark b was very efficient and punctual. Very honest guy ,clear to instructions.and work fast and do a very good job..happy with the service.

Leah Deoferio

Dicided to finish my basment. So I called royal plumbing to run the drains under ground. They sent over jorge who was very professional and got the job done very quick. Would reccomend jorge and royal plumbing to everyone

Weslie Couto

Needed a plumber on a weekend, found royal online and they responded quick and solve my clogged toilet easily, price was fair and I’m happy thank you mark b.

Michael Deonoso

We are very pleased with the work done by George and was incredibly impressed by the high levels of professionalism by the team.

Joseph Miller

This is the third time I’ve used Royal and I’ve always been met by friendly knowledgeable and efficient service either by Mark and his colleagues or the despatch desk. Highly recommend!!

John Shelton

Very professional and excellent customer service. Jorge is great and I will be using him again in the future.

Nash Hamoodi

Mark B. was great, quick to respond and arrive, and got the job done. Will definitely be calling him for my future needs.

Keiron Cobban

Thank you for sending Mark b. to my house, he was very professional! He identified the problem right away, gave me couple options and he did a clean job ! Definitely gonna call Royal back.

Brian Campo

Royal Plumbers was able to quote the cost beforehand, and Mitchell provided very fast service! I'm very satisfied with their customer service and would recommend to others.

Tricia H

Ok. Where do I begin?

I have been living with a leaky bathtub for past 2 months - why 2 months you ask? I have had my fair share of issues with many plumbers and I just couldn’t bring myself to calling someone new. However, after two months of standing in line behind 2 children and a husband to use the basement shower, I finally broke down and called Royal Plumbing Services, desperately seeking help. Mark Mayhew (the plumber) called me back and we made arrangements for him to come over and assess the situation. Unlike previous calls with other plumbers, Mark was calm and very reassuring during the conversation. He said that he was very confident that he would be able to fix the problem based on the information that I provided - this is what I needed to hear!

Once he arrived, he looked at the bathtub and provided me with a couple of options. What I really liked about Mark was that he was very patient and seemed genuinely interested in resolving my issue. To my surprise, minimal work was required to fix my leak! Mark could have told me that additional work was required - and I would not have known the difference- but instead, he was honest and he only did the work required to repair the leak - nothing more....nothing less!

I am writing this review because I wanted to share my experience with others. If you are looking for a plumber that is trust worthy, knowledgeable, clean (he cleaned up nicely after he finished working) and extremely pleasant to deal with, then Mark Mayhew is your plumbing guy!!!

Thank you Mark again for your services!!! You are really good at what you do!!!

Ayan Broomfield

George arrived punctually, diagnosed the problem quickly, and completed the work professionally. I would recommend Royal Plumbing to friends and family !

Max Kovler

Looked online for a plumber and found Royal Plumbing. I called them because my basement was flooded with water. Thank God someone answered the phone. I explained to them my problem and they said they would have someone out to my house within the hour. The plumbers showed up and quickly went to check out my basement. They determined that my main drain line was clogged. The proceeded to snake the pipe and found that I had wipes clogging the pipe. I was so impressed that they had quickly found the problem and repaired it. They cleaned up my basement like new. I'd like to thank Royal Plumbing for a very professional and courteous job well done. I will recommend them to all my friends and family.

Doris Henrique

Jorge Z. was fast and polite and most of all made sure his work area was clean when he was finished


We were very satisfied with their prompt response. Matthew did a great and clean job fixing our clogged sink.

Cristel Hudson

Had pipe issues and called royal plumbing they sent Jorge the job was great, clean and done in the time promised.

Ardy Razavi

Love the staff great customer service always! My favourite plumbers are joe and mayhew very professional and reliable

Candice Crawford

I Highly recommend Mark B, he did a great job and very knowledgeable, friendly and fix the problem right away.

Mac Sanque

Mark B was here to fix my plumbing problem & did a fantastic job fixing the problem and cleaned up afterwards . He is a very friendly and courteous person thank you for sending him here !!

Chris Muirhead

Great experience all around! Jorge Zeballos was very helpful and knowledgeable in every way!

DS Productions

Mark B is very professional at his job, we also like his friendly attitude. You should hire more people like him!

Robin Umali

Mark B. was here and fix the problem easily, we appreciate the job he has done. Good job.

Benjamin Cagandahan

Mark M. was professional and friendly! We had a toilet issue and it was fixed quickly with his help.

Rachel P

Mark b. Doing good job clear the blokage my kitchen sink very very fast and reliable

Dharma Punniya Moorthy

Amazing and on time work by Mark B. On time work with professional attitude. Even cleaned up everything after work.

Anivarya Saini

I work as an interior designer and I have used Royal on numerous projects as well as currently a reno on my own home. I have found George (supervisor) to be responsive and knowledgable about what needs to be done. As well, Mark (apprentice has worked on all of my projects) works efficiently and timely. When I have a question about work being done he explains it in a way that both my client and I can understand.

The companys pricing is fair for current market and their reponse and work time is great. I have no problem recommending them to anyone looking for a good plumbing company.

Steven Robbins

Very happy with Jorge's Zebalos workmanship and quality of work.


Mathew was very professional and got things done quick and efficiently !!

C Cerqueira

Great job great service will definitely call again. Thanks Matthew

Tmed Md

Very personable and knowledgeable about his trade.explanations were professional and easy to understand.very tidy and left the site clean.

Gopi Nathan

Mark B. was a big help one of our bathroom in the basement is not functioning so he came and fix it in minutes.


Mark B. was very professional. The job done exceeded expectations. I was very impressive.

Tina Ngo

Just want to thank Royal Plumbing on thier super fast service. Joe was amazingly quick at snaking a pipe in my kitchen. I would and will reccomend Royal Plumbing to all my friends! Thanks again Joe.

Nicole Krisman

I had a leak in my basement and called Royal Plumbing. Their response time was fast and the prices seemed reasonable. I was impressed with the quality of work done and haven’t had any issues since. Thank you.

Jannette Lopez

Mark is a very friendly and courteous. The price is fair for the work done.

Steven Rochon

Quick, friendly and efficient! Will 100% use again - Mark was one of the most pleasant plumbers I've ever met!

Kim Z

Mark B definitely knows what he does. He got the issue solved in no time.

Kat Gonzales

Mark is very professional, reliable, knowledgeable. Will definitely recommend to friends.

Elvira Valero

Mark.B Thanks for doing a good job!!

Shannon Rotchford

Mark B. excellent service! He was prompt, professional and delivered the results,

Fatimah Deega Naleye

Always there for our home and professional needs Jorge is the best!!

Brenda Bent

Kitchen sink was plugged. Checked online and called Royal Plumbing. Plumber Mark came out promptly and walked me through the process which was helpful. Snaked the kitchen drain pipe and cleaned up nicely. Thanks Mark for the great work. Will recommend your company to friends and family. Thanks again!

Dennis Cuvalo

Mathew provided Excellent and Quick Service

Emilio Pasto

Mike and Mitch are two of the most professional trades people I know. Very trustworthy and knowledgeable with excellent pricing. I had a leak in my home bringing water into my basement. They showed up on time, they were quick to explain what was needed to fix the problem and what my options were. In the end they fixed the problem that very same day and the price was fair. I would not hesitate recommending Royal Plumbing to anyone. Also you are dealing with a family business that truly cares about their customers. I try to support the Independant entrepreneurs as much as I can.

Max Carter

They were quick to respond to my leaking pipe issues and the plumber they sent over, Mark, was excellent! He went above and beyond.

Jason Williams

I’m extremely pleased with the professionalism of royal plumbing from the initial phone call to completion of my water heater installation. My technician, George, was prompt, very knowledgeable about the product and its installation, and maintained the cleanliness of my home. George answered all my questions about the water heater and explained the operation of various components exemplified excellent customer service. I would definitely recommend George and royal plumbing to friends with plumbing issues.

Sarah Meadows

Called Royal Plumbing to check out my washroom faucet that was leaking. Mathew came and fixed the leak, he was professional and cleaned up after himself. I would recommend Royal Plumbing to my friends and family.

Sarah Torres

Just writing to thank you Royal Plumbing. I had a badly clogged kitchen drain. Mitch explained everything upfront and knew exactly what I needed. George the technician was very helpful he explained how he would fix it and what was going on, and in a matter of minutes the drain was unclogged. Again I really appreciate your help a lot. Thank you!!!

Paul Meadows

My kitchen sink started leaking and Mark from Royal Plumbing responded promptly to my request. Arrived at my condo the same day and fixed my problem.

Justin Mendonca

Fast, friendly, helpful! Thanks!


Very good service by Markb

Jitendra Chouhan

Mark came to fix an old shower. It needed replacement parts. He sourced them and fixed it in a couple of hours. Very courteous and pleasant, as well as efficient. Highly recommend.

Lorna Earl

Quick respond, fast action and reliable plumber

Nila Jarme

Thank you royal plumbing for coming to my condo to resolve an emergency plumbing problem with my drain Sunday evening. Joe worked quickly and did a good job making sure he didn't make a mess and cleaned up when he was done. Thanks again for your professionalism and responsiveness.

Melanie Del Col

You guys are great. Had Mark come out to my home to replace our waste pipe he was great! He explained everything and got the job done for a fair price. Everyone I talked to from the first call was great. I would recommend Royal Plumbers with no reservations to anyone I know. Thanks again!

Dale Eisen

First of all I would like to thank Mitch for being very helpful and honest with me over the phone. When Jorge showed up he was polite and asked me to show him what the issue was. When he was done assessing the situation he habe me options on how to fix my issue. Over all Royal plumbing is a great company to work with, I have recommended them to anyone who asks me for a plumber. I have received nothing but praises in feedback from client to family/friends. Thanks guys wish you all the best.

Joey Da Silva

Mark B. did an amazing job and fixed all the problems!

Miranda Schreiber

I had an issue with my dual bathroom sinks draining slowly. I tried drain but it wouldn't unclog the drain. Mark from Royal Plumbing came out, explained the problem, and put in a new fitting. He did the job quickly and was professional. Thanks!

Brandon Weiss

I had some faucets and shower heads replaced in our home by Royal Plumbing today and they did a great job. Joe was our service technician and while he was here fixed a few other things for us as well such as a slow drain and toilet. He was very polite, courteous and knowledgeable.

Mishelle MacDonald

MItch and Mike have been most honest, personable and conscientious in all our interactions. They are very knowledgeable and execute their work in a timely and considerate fashion. It's a relief when I don't have to worry about being cheated. They are my go to guys for all my plumbing needs.

John Curtosi

Satisfied in his work, explained the problem and the solution well.

Zeny Abello

I had a basement water leak in my wash tub and I was able to find royal plumbers online. The plumber was very clean, came into my home, wrapped his boots, and then came into my basement. He replaced part of the pipe connected to my wash tub and fixed the leak.

Erin McAleenan

Amazing crew - no surprises - they came when they said they would come, and charged what they estimated the cost to be.

Very personable, and respectful. Excellent communication throughout the process. I would definitely recommend them and use them again.

Kevin Vieira

I just wanted to give some feedback about about my experience with royal plumbers yesterday. They were very responsive (even on a Saturday), professional and knowledgable. Mike installed a new water heater in my home and I wanted to thank royal for doing such a great job.

Gabriella Condron

I used Royal Plumbing for several issues around my house. They did an excellent job at the affordable rate. I can highly recommend them for any of your plumbing or heating projects.

Peter M

Quick, dependable, and friendly. Came within a couple hours of me calling and diagnosed/fixed the problem right away. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Marcel Vanderkloet

Dealing with KITEC pipe in a condo may not be so bad after talking with Mitchel. Thanks for the great advice. Looking forward to a quick solution.

Blair Gage

Found Royal Plumbing in the yellow pages and they came to my home and did general plumbing work. Royal Plumbing replaced my Toliet, snaked my drain and replaced some faucets. Would recommend them for sure

Sam Boateng

Just had my drain unclogged by Royal Plumbers they did a great job they were reasonably priced and fast

Nik Mehrotra

I called Royal and they showed up promptly to my home. I have nothing but good things to say about the team at Royal they were very professional and got the job done for a reasonable price. I would recommend them to any of my friends and family.

Dave Ferdinand

These guys are fast and very skilled.

Elisha Morris

The guys at Royal Plumbing responded quickly to a water leak we had and fix the problem quickly, professionally and it was done right the first time. Great Job!

Stephen Skolny

Royal plumbing responded quickly to our request for service and provided professional work.

Gili Zemer

I had a burst pipe in my 2nd floor washroom, water was coming down through the kitchen ceiling. I was referred to Royal plumbing by a friend. They came on a Saturday within 30 minutes and set up a temporary connection that let me use my upstairs bathroom until I could get the problem fixed. Their work was fast, professional and very reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Rick McAdam

I've used these guys a couple of times , once for a drain backup and another time for a leak behind a wall . Both times they came over right away and were very professional , they also cleaned after themselves . I would definitely recommend this company to anyone .

Frank Ferreira

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